Hoyts Moree

Opened: 1970?
Location: Warlada Road, Moree
Capacity: 400 Cars?
Screens: One
Operator: Hoyts
Closed: 1990?

Brief history:
Moree had an earlier theatre under the stars operated by Hoyts, but it did not allow cars, it was an open air theatre with canvass deck chair style seating. The Moree drive-in was constrcted sometime in the very late 1960's or early 1970's. It utilised a modern approach to the layout and design in that the tickect box and snack bar were linked. This can also be seen in later designs by BCC (Mackay Westline) and Far Northern (Cairns Coral). The snack bar itself appears large and the screen substantial, by these pointers alone we can assume that business was at least anticipated to have been brisk when the site was still operating. Today the venue is closed and all speaker posts have been removed. The location is looked after but no apparent use could be determined.

Birds feed on the ramps as they always have at Moree, but todays menu is grass seed instead of leftover hamburger bun and popcorn.

Once all over Australia, today few roadsigns point to drive-in theatres.

The ticket box that extends from the rear of the snack bar. Alongside is the attractions board, tonights double feature does not look too appealing.

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