Village Orange

Opened: 1970's
Location: Forest road, Orange
Capacity: 350 Cars?
Screens: One
Operator: Village, Independant
Closed: late 1980's

Brief history:
By the late 1960's most other Australian states had drive-in theatres in almost every substantial rural town, but not NSW. Drive-ins continued to be built right through the 1970's in NSW towns. Perhaps it was the government requirement of asphalt ramps and fire hose reels amoung the cars that added to construction costs that left NSW behind in the "slap 'em up" boom of the 1950's and 1960's.

This sign has seen better days but still proudly declares to passers-by its name.

The old Village drive-in has been owned by a local business identity for many years yet no proposal for redevelopment or reuse has been successful to this point. The site has been used for markets from time to time but still sits relativly in tact. Village only leased this drive-in as part of its operation for one year, yet the venture continued to operate using the multnationals name.

The structure of this screen looks in good shape, a good paint and on with the show.

Typical 1970's style ticket box.

Snack bar and overgrown projection room. It appears that many of the posts at Orange drive-in were equipped with in-car heaters, only a handful of drive-ins in Australia were so equipped.

If you have more information on Orange drive-in or some photos of it in operation, please email me.


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