Aspley Starlight

Opened: 1960's
Location: Albany Creek Road, Aspley
Capacity: 359 Cars
Screens: One, later two
Operator: Sourris Brothers
Closed: 2001

Brief history:
Aspley Starlight was without doubt one of the best drive-ins in the country. Everything about the upkeep of this place said "we care". Whilst this drive-in along with Beenleigh and Richlands had been known as BCC locations for many years, they were in fact built and operated by the Sourris Bros.

Not your typical drive-in road-sign, but still effective. I'll have field 2 please.

Aspley had outlasted most drive-ins in the country, but closed in abrupt and mysterious circumstances. The public outcry resulted in the story gaining front page coverage in the Brisbanne Courier Mail.

Looks like an RDII and an RCA sitting on a Brady JB.....get all that?

Some more Wagner letters please Mr. drive-in manager.

A credit to the owners, this drive-in is spotless and manicured in every way.

When you see drive-ins like this you just can't wait for the sun to go down!

Buddy's hamburger rating 7/10.


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