Ayr Stardust

Opened: September 1964
Location: Kilrie Road, Ayr
Capacity: 360 Cars
Screens: One (plus one)
Operator: Frank Jerkic
Closed: Open

Brief history:
Ayr is a town with less than 10,000 people but still proudly is home to the Stardust drive-in. Built within the grounds is a hardtop cinema (similar to Charters towers and Kalgoolie), so patrons can choose between outdoor and indoor movies. The two screens also increase the selection of films available. The Stardust drive-in has a pleasant foliage of palms around the perimeter and makes for a perfect tropical setting in which to see a drive-in movie.

The roadsign advertises the shows for the drive-in and the hardtop cinema.

The ticket box awaits the lines of cars each evening.

The projection equipment in the drive-in box is Kalee 21 projectors with Strong X 60 D lamphouses running 4,000 watt xenon lamps. The sound is speaker, AM and FM. The projectionist is often Antonella Jerkic who began showing films at the hardtop and drive-in at 15 years of age.

Speakers are still available on the posts and play equipment is located under the screen.

Casper and friends decorate the projection box at the Ayr Stardust drive-in.

It's time for a screen paint. Most screens require a repaint every 5 years.

These hamburgers (Stardust Burger?) are 10/10.

As the water rose, the speed boat was bought in just to make sure patrons could watch the evenings show from somewhere dry!

A shot from the air of the Ayr.

Thanks to Frank Jerkic and family for photos and information supplied here.


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