Whitsunday Bowen

Opened: 1970's
Location: Bruce Highway, Bowen
Capacity: 200 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: ?
Closed: ?

Brief history:
The Whitsunday drive-in at Bowen is located just north of the Whitsunday group of islands which contain many resorts. The drive-in is almost on the water just outside the town. The drive-in was constructed as a residence and drive-in theatre. The home sits above the snack bar and is still used as a residence today. This is a drive-in that could easily be resurected and is in fact for sale at present. If you are interested contact Century 21 Real Estate in Bowen and make an offer around $200,000, then its all yours!

This elaborate entrance now displays the faded remains of one-sheets and daybills that advertised the last program to everyone heading north on the Bruce Hwy.

Ever wanted to know how a motel gets a "no star" rating in a tourist guide? Well there is one in Bowen and we were forced to stay in it! It had a pool (swamp), Air-conditioning (broken since 1978), Colour TV (one channel, 14cm screen), 2 beds (Vietnam surplus bunks) and general condition of a derelict St Kilda boarding house! I like a kitch motel that looks like it was a set for the Brady Bunch, but when basic maintenance and cleanliness are lacking, I just wanna get the hell out of there!. Look out for this one!

The water behind the screen makes for a great backdrop on a warm evening, but what about the mosquitoes!

The entire property is for sale, but you can rent it like these folks for less than $200 per week. A great looking drive-in in need of some care and a tidy-up.


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