Charters Towers Tors

Opened: 1966
Location: Flinders Hwy
Capacity: 300 Cars
Screens: Two
Operator: Feldt's theatres/Steven & Debbie Snell
Closed: Open

Brief history:
The Tors drive-in resides in the Queensland town of Charters Towers. The town itself is an interesting place, but the drive-in is even more so. Located on the Flinders Hwy on the way into town from the coast (a long way from the coast!), you can't miss the sign. Upon entering you realise that the entrepreneur has been at work at this drive-in. Some more recent shots are below with the shots at the bottom taken a few years back.

A beautiful entrance to a night at the Tors Drive-in.

Make sure you grab a bite to eat when enjoying your movies.

If you travel through this part of QLD a stop in for a double feature at the Tors is a must.

See what is showing this week at the Tors Drive-in Tors Drive-in Website

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The roadsign and display cases in outback style design. Photo Oct 1999.

The first and most obvious screen is that of the drive-in, to the rear of the field is the former indoor theatre and next to this is another outdoor screen that has been used for cars and walk-ins. A new larger screen two now exists and the drive-in does solid business.The projectors are Toshiba with Strong X60C xenon lamphouses. FM stereo is available also.

The ticket box advises that admission is $7.00 for adults.

The Tors celarbrates its 40th birthday next year, be sure to join in the cellarbrations and visit soon.

The main drive-in screen.

The snack bar and projection building. Behind it is the indoor theatre and to the right is the second outdoor screen.

No drive-in in northern Australia would be complete without an outdoor seating area and a few palms, Charters Towers is no exception.

Buddy's hamburger rating 9/10. Support the Tors drive-in! It is one of very few drive-ins that has operated continuously since opening.


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