Chinchilla - Miles

Opened: 1975
Location: Warrego Hwy, Chinchilla
Capacity: 300 Cars
Screens: One
Closed: late 1980's

Brief history:I believe this drive-in to be demolished, but it appeared quite a neat little site when it was still standing. According to Michael Pace who serviced this drive-in back in 1977, it may have been equipped with Toshiba projectors and Strong X 60C lamphouses. The snack bar design was more in keeping with a local footy pavilion, not much Hollywood about it but very practicle, especially with the projection room on top.

Taken around 1987 by Michael Pace, it all looks ready to run. After this photo was taken panels began to fall off the screen frame.

A great shot of Chinchilla prior to its demise, Michael Pace Photo.

Buddy in a dried up river bed in central QLD with trusty Bolex 16mm camera. Advance second unit camera tests have just wrapped for the new Chicago Amusements film "Border Run", produced by Matthew Kilderry. Photographed using Kodak Eastman 7240 Ektachrome. "I like the versatility of the 7240" says Buddy, "it has subtle grain that combines with that high quality look you can only seem to capture with the Eastman range of 16mm camera stocks". "Border Run" releases in 2001.


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