Gladstone Glen

Opened: 1960's
Location: Boles Street, Gladstone
Capacity: 270 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Upton Theatres
Closed: June 2005

Brief history:
With a multi-screen hardtop location immenent in Gladstone, the Glen drive-in may have a struggle on its hands. The theatre is set in an almost perfect natural setting and is a fablous place to see a movie under the stars. The drive-in has a sunken snack bar building so as not to block the view from cars behind the building - why not make the screen higher? The original playground is still located under the screens too for little kids and big kids. Spread around the front few ramps are seats, so you are certainly not restricted to your car at the Glen.

Once on the suburban side street you don't really need this sign to find the Glen.

With a population of 37,000, Gladstone should certainly be able to support the drive-in if marketed correctly. Good presentation, good food, a friendly atmosphere, good value and films people want to see are the ingredients to make a successful operation.

Speakers still on all the posts and great outdoor seats too. The Glen sits at the foot of a hill.

I don't know how trucks or campers get past this ticket box.

The old Glen is no more. An operator could not be found to buy the business so it is to be sold for development. I receive dozens of requests for information on building a drive-in, it is almost always cheaper to buy an existing location like this one.

A big clean screen with a perimeter of trees are hallmarks at the Glen drive-in in Gladstone. Photos Buddy and Matthew Oct 1999.

Buddy's hamburger rating 7/10. Support the Glen drive-in, or better still buy it!


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