Opened: 1969
Location: Jericho, Central Qld
Capacity: 30 Cars plus walk-ins
Screens: One
Operator: Local Shire

Brief history:
Here is a small, perhaps the worlds smallest, drive-in theatre. It is now open once again and entertains locals and enthralls tourists. Wayne Mason reports that the drive-in operates once per month on a Saturday night as a fund raiser and to date since re-opening has screened blockbusters such as Spiderman and Blackhawk Down.

How is it all the deluxe 1000 car drive-ins have closed and Jericho remains? Terry Regester photo, 2002.

Here can be seen the projection box and alongside the covered "walk-in" seats once common to drive-ins all over the country. In the southern satates the walk-ins were enclosed, but in QLD, NT and WA they were most often exposed and/or covered canvas slings. Terry Regester photo, 2002

Buddy's hamburger rating 8/10. Thanks to Wayne Mason and Terry Regester.


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