Opened: 1960's
Location: Samford Road, Keperra
Capacity: 650 Cars
Screens: One, later two
Operator: R.W.P. Dodd Theatres, BCC
Closed: 1998

Brief history:
Brisbane suburban drive-ins differed from their southern cousins in a number of ways. The climate was better for outdoor movies, they twinned locations much later and also ran "R" certificate films for longer. All of these differences point to the business being more boyant than in Melbourne and Sydney in the mid 1980's. Indeed, in 1986 greater Brisbane still had 15 drive-ins still open plus more on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

New elevated projection room built when Keperra was twinned. The screen here sits on a hill very much like Burwood, thus not requiring such a large stucture to gain the height required.

Keperra was typical of Brisbane drive-ins neat and tidy yet never as elaborate as those in Sydney or Melbourne, very much in the style of Adelaide or Perth. Today Keperra sits under new housing and Brisbane drive-in fans have only 3 venues to visit.

Behind the tube steel screen from what was once the back ramps.

Don't underestimate the work required to keep posts like this looking clean and white!

This old sign has now given way to..................

........more houses. That means one less drive-in in the world.

Photos from Gary King of the Wonga drive-in - second screen opening soon!


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