Richlands Twin Drive-in

Opened: late 1960's
Location: Archerfield Rd, Richlands
Capacity: 500 Cars
Screens: Two
Operator: Sourris Brothers
Closed: 2000

Brief history:
In many ways the Richlands Twin drive-in was similar to the Village Coburg Triple drive-in in Melbourne, it was in an industrial area a little off the beaten track. In other words, its screen does not tower over a major highway so could be a little difficult to find if you were not a local. During the boom days of drive-ins it would have been a deffinate advantage to be located on a major arterial road, yet this has led to the downfall of most so positioned as the real estate value has exceeded the worth of the business. In other words you can be thankfull that the Richlands Twin is lasted so long being located where it was. This drive-in finally gave way to an offer too good to refuse and is now gone.

A pleasant entry awaited you at the Richlands Twin drive-in, what's showing?

Only Beenleigh drive-in today serves all of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

A big truck caught in this driveway is not going to be appreciated by the patrons, a clever entrance to the ticket box under the screen.

Up until the mid-1980's Richlands was advertised as part of the "5 Star" drive-ins that included Aspley Starlight, Cannon Hill Galaxy, Redcliffe, Beenleigh, Strathpine and Caboolture. At the same time BCC, the competing circuit were encourging patrons to "Come Alive and do the Drives at Boondall, Oxley Western, Woodridge, Capalaba, Keperra, Ipswich Sarline, and Southport. By this time the only independents were Mac's and the Tivoli at Ipswich which was running "R" rated triple features.

A clean screen is always appreciated by projectionists and patrons at a drive-in. Note maintenance catwalk at top rear.

It is interesting to note that Brisbane drive-ins were constructed much later than those in other capital cities with many not built until the late 1960's or early 1970's. In fact by 1985 none of the locations had been twinned yet Melbourne and Sydney had mostly completed twinning all locations at this point.

The orientation of the snack bar building tells you that you are facing the original screen, the additional projection room was added for screen two. Photos by Buddy and Matthew October 1999.

Buddy's hamburger rating 7/10 another excellent drive-in bites the dust.


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