Townsville Norline

Opened: 1960's?
Location: Ingham Road, Townsville
Capacity: 450 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Haymarket's Tivoli theatres ltd
Closed: 1980's

Brief history:
This place looked as if it were a nice drive-in in its day. A modern looking snack bar/projection building is all that remains. The field is now used as a demolition yard and only a trained drive-in detective would ever suspect its former life.

Loads of demolition materials now litter the ramps at the Norline.

Its fair to say that Matthew and myself get pretty excited when on the trail of long closed drive-ins. At times the speed limit is slightly exceeded in outlying areas of the Australian outback. With three drive-ins to see in Townsville, excitement reached a frenzy as we always tried to beat dusk to take our photos. Well there was one photo from our Townsville visit that cost us a lot more to process than usual at the Kodak fact the Queensland police dept. did the job for us and even sent it on to Melbourne. Processing and delivery in this case being $130 for two photos. If I had known that neither picture was going to contain a drive-in I would not have ordered it!

Neither of us could remember who was driving so we split the photo processing and delivery charge!

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