Townsville Stuart

Opened: 1960's?
Location: Bruce Hwy, Townsville
Capacity: 300 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Stuart drive-in ltd
Closed: 1990's

Brief history:
This drive-in was operating until at least a few years ago from my recollection, but at this point in time I have not found its last operating date. Its most recent use appears to be as a go-cart track. The Stuart drive-in looks essentially in tact but sits in the sun awaiting an uncertain future.

I bet this palm tree has seen plenty of eager film goers over the years, but it will see no more.

Tonight.................not a daybill to be seen.

Construction of the snack bar and projection building looks very similar to the one at the Range drive-in, I wonder who copied?

Great screen, and come to think of it everything else, tell me why Townsville can't support two drive-ins?

Some history on the Stuart would be interesting to see how it competed with the other two drive-ins.


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