Woodridge Drive-in

Opened: 1975
Location: Logan Reserve Road, Waterford
Capacity: 500 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Birch, Carrol and Coyle
Closed: 1987

Brief history:The photos do not do the Woodridge drive-in justice, as this was a very pretty drive-in in its day. It was BCC's great hope in the mid-1970's but never quite reached that potential. It had a screen 100 foot wide and was equipped with Century projectors. Like many drive-ins it was equipped with a deisel standby generator and it operated on deisel power every Monday night, the projectionist had to check the guages every 30 mins and note oil temp, volts, amps, water temp, and frequency. The fuel consumption was also noted with a large tank dip stick. Rituals like this were performed in drive-ins and hardtops across the country; today it is rarely seen. Woodridge also was fitted with Cine-Fi AM radio sound in the late 1970's and every 2nd ramp had this available (the others still had speakers). A few months prior to closure, the lamps were upgraded to 5,000O xenons. Upon closure the screen and sound system were moved to Capalaba to transform that drive-in into a twin.

The Woodridge drive-in has not aged gracefully and is difficult to see from the road. This former entrance and roadsign are the only stuctures around for the local graffiti artists.

As you can see this was some joint. An elaborate snack bar/projection building tells us that the owners had high hopes of this drive-in bringing in hundreds of cars each evening. An outdoor seating area was situated at the front of the snack bar.

Thanks to Jeff Goopy, former Woodridge drive-in projectionist, for the information supplied here.


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