Port Augusta Flinders

Opened: 1959
Location: Harold St.
Capacity: 500 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Greater Union/Independent
Closed: 1998

Brief history:
Port Augusta is now closed, but it traded all the way up to 1998. A large drive-in with space for 500 cars, it is currently for sale. The theatre closed when the screen colapsed and the business did not warrent a new form being constructed. The gear was sold off to the Coober Pedy drive-in which re-opened, only to close in April 2000.

The great old 1950's entrance to the Flinders drive-in.

Whilst the projection box is in the usual location, the snack bar building is at the rear of the lot. This was common to many SA drive-ins yet seen infrequently outside of this state.


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