Birchip North Western

Opened: 1960's
Location: Birchip, Victoria
Capacity: 400
Screens: One
Operator: Michael Kelly
Closed: 1988

Brief history:
The North Western is a large well-built drive-in considering it was in a town with a population of around 4,000 people. A substantial outlay was put into creating one of the best looking drive-ins in Northern Victoria. From the solid entrance surrounds to the snack bar and ramps, it can be seen that a quality establishment was constructed here. In later life it was understood to be in use as a funeral parlour. I understand that during this period people were dying to get in!

This is a substantial entrance for a big city drive-in, Birchip has only 1,000 people living in the town!

Several years after closure in the late 1980's Birchip was still all ready to go.

The grass covered ramps makes for a pleasant looking drive-in. Stan Gunn photo.

The exterior of the snack bar/projection building. Stan Gunn photo

The Strong Futura II lamphouses were a good light provider at any drive-in, note the water cooling units sitting at the rear of each pedestal. Stan Gunn photo.

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