Cobram Moonlight

Opened: August 1983
Location: Murray Valley Hwy Cobram
Capacity: 350 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Grasso Family/ Kenric Drive-ins
Closed: 1985

Brief history:
Yes, the dates above are correct a brand new drive-in built in 1983 and closed 2 years later in 1985, here is the story......

Taken in 1989, all only 6 years old!

Plans were drawn up for a drive-in on the Murray Valley Hwy Cobram near Campbells Rd in 1976. A Mr Love, who owned the property adjoining the proposed drive-in to be operated by Sam and Vince Grasso, appealed on the grounds that 1,000 people using a septic tank toilet system would leak into the underground water table. Despite the offer to connect the drive-in to the Cobram sewage Authority, the dispute went all the way to the Supreme court in 1977!

Taken in 1999, the cattle eat the grass but check out those trees!

Five years later in 1981 plans were drawn for a new site futher along the Murray Valley Hwy. Approval to open was granted in 1983 - just in time for the worst drive-in slump in history. In a town of just 5,000 people, there was no way that even the Summer tourists were going to help keep this joint open. Everything was brand new and after an attempt by the Kenric drive-in company to run it, the Moonlight closed in 1985

I'm a lonely little ticket box in a drive-in patch.....

Other than adding screens to existing locations, I believe this was the last drive-in constructed in Australia. It is currently for sale and if you could move the cattle off it for 8 weeks every Summer it would be a goer.

Thanks to Peter O'Reilly for information on the Moonlight.

Can you make out the road sign? "Purgatory Road" What better name for this drive-in.

Having asked permission and paid for the unit, Matthew removes the Eprad Alu-top junction box from the post. Note the firm head snap and quick snip of sound and low voltage wires, this ensures very little pain is felt by the drive-in.


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