Dromana Twin/Peninsula

Opened: 1961
Location: Nepean Hwy, Dromana/Mornington Penninsula Fwy
Capacity: 485 Cars (original)
Screens: One, now two
Operator: Peninsula Drive-in Pty Ltd
Closed: Open all year

Brief history:
Dromana is one of four drive-ins still operating in the state of Victoria. Recent years have seen a resurgence with a second screen added several years ago. This family run drive-in has a strong community presence and every second car on the Mornington Peninsula must have one of their bumper stickers on the rear window.

The second screen is the former Hoyts Altona screen with the projection beam going through a periscope assembly (like Hoyts former Midcity 6) before hitting the screen. This small page does not do Dromana justice so check out some more photos and what's on at the Dromana web site.

For many years this has been the most visible drive-in in the state, take a trip via the freeway to Rye, Sorrento or Portsea and you'll see why!


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