Geelong Star

Opened: 1955
Location: Moolap Station Road, Moolap, Geelong
Capacity: 544 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Seaview Drive-in Theatre Pty Ltd
Closed: 1984

Brief history:
Although I never saw this drive-in in operation, I have only ever heard good things about it. It was a partnership between Greater Union Theatres and Village Drive-ins. The site has now become a residence with little remains of the drive-in to be seen. I imagine this drive-in would have traded exceptionally well in Summer, as it was the closest drive-in to the famous surf havens of Jan Juc, Torquay and Bells Beach (no, "Point Break" wasn't really shot there, they substituted Northern California!).

Masking around the perimeter of drive-in screens was rare in Australia. The Geelong Star drive-in featured it on the original screen, but by the late 1970's it was ready to blow over! The cranes were to lift the screen from the frame for repair, but they soon realised they had bitten off more than they could chew. One gust of wind here and the whole lot would have gone over.

The screen was settled back on the frame and sledge hammered off, while Gerard and Cindy play catch nearby! The frame awaits a new steel cladding.

Seen here are two Kalee 21's with Ashcraft lamphouses. This pairing was unusual but got the job done. The thing that looks like a washed up depth charge is actually the motor-generator set that converts AC to DC for the carbon arc lamps, the sharp eyed will notice the Kalee spool box alongside.

Can't mistake those gates for anything but a drive-in entrance driveway. This is that remains today of the once mighty Star.

The projection room on closing night in 1984. John shows an early admission sign and David threads up the Kalee for the last time.

The photos supplied here are courtesy of the David Lovell Collection (c)1979.


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