Opened: 1960's/1970's
Location: Grantville, Victoria
Capacity: 150 Cars approx.
Screens: One
Operator: The old man who built it.
Closed: 1984

Brief history:
This joint is in the middle of nowhere and almost impossible to find - took me years to locate it and I knew it was there! Grantville has a population of 300! The drive-in doubled as a backyard when not screening - it gets better all the time doesn't it.

Shows you how long it's been since a picture hit this screen.

This is another story of "they built a drive-in and nobody came". It would have traded OK in Summer for about 8 weeks, but once the holiday-makers left the resorts that were still miles away, I don't know who would have attended this place.

Projection room empty and boarded, last few posts sway in the breeze until the rust levels them like the others.

The snack bar has become a residence and the owners value their privacy - believe me!


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