Kerang Parkline

Opened: 1960's
Location: Centre of Kerang Racetrack, Kerang, Victoria
Capacity: 260 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Parkline drive-in theatres
Closed: 1980's

Brief history:
Kerang, like Stawell had its drive-in theatre located in the centre of the racetrack. It sounds strange but makes perfect sense, a large area of land near the centre of town with all utilites connected. I can recall seeing highlights of country race meetings on TV as a child and every now and then you could see a drive-in screen in the background as the horses galloped past!

RCA lamphouses behind what appear to be Super Standard projectors. (Stan Gunn photo)

Many city and country drive-ins built in the 1950's and 1960's were equiped with RCA gear. RCA offered not only drive-in projectors and box accessories, but also a design and development package to assist the local entrepener open a drive-in. You supply the cash and land and we will do the rest! Kerang was one such location.

The screen in 1987. (Stan Gunn photo)

I understand that this drive-in was under the O'Hallorans theatre circuit banner for some if not all of its life.

Look closely to see the remains of the drive-in sign behind the new sign.


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