Mildura Sixteenth Street

Opened: Early 1960's
Location: 16th Street, Mildura, Victoria
Capacity: 700 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Hoyts Ozone Theatres
Closed: 1970's

Brief history:
They don't get much better than this. Build me a dream drive-in in the desert and this would be it - OK almost desert, but surrounded by palm trees and orchards. I have not seen an Australian drive-in outside of the major cities that looks as good as this one.

The warm breeze blows, the scent of citrus in the air and up on the sceen Frank Sinatra misses the train in the final scene of "Von Ryans Express"

Ozone were a South Australian theatre circuit controlled by the Waterman Family. During the 1950's they were taken over by Hoyts. The circuit spread across the boarder and established this theatre. As stated in the previous chapter (Mildura Crossroads Drive-in) this drive-in was across the road from the Crossroads drive-in.

Snack bar and playground at the rear of the ramps, no shortage of space at this theatre.

I have found no remains of this drive-in, so this fabulous drive-in has disappeared back into the orange groves. The construction of the projection room and snack bar are among the most unique I have seen in this country or any other.

Painted brick projection building, with common for the time full-length public viewing window. Just love that design.

Every time I look at these photos I want to hop in my car and see an outdoor movie!

Upper left is the Sixteenth Street Drive-in, lower right is the Crossroads Drive-in. Road at left is Calder Hwy from Melbourne 560 kms (350 miles) away!


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