Robinvale Valley

Opened: 1960's?
Location: Robinvale, Victoria
Capacity: 300 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Robinvale drive-in theatre Pty Ltd
Closed: 1984

Brief history:
You would have no hope of locating this drive-in unless you had very detailed instructions (I didn't) or you pulled up at a petrol station and found the attendant used to work there (I did!).

If it had burnt down in the early 1950's, it could have been a nitrate film fire, but it was more likely vandals in the 1980's

The Valley is not really located in a valley, but is surrounded by orchards, in fact camouflaged by orchards to be specific. Not even a nearby German Shepard tethered to a post can stop me from checking out a drive-in. This place seemed to be a very pleasent place to view a film in days past. A typical country drive-in - with the projection booth burnt to the ground! Only the steel projectors kept the tin roof from laying flat on the ground. Film was actually melted onto spools in the film bench, carbons still in the lamphouses!

Buddy awaits the changeover, those were tough shifts on the country drive-in relief circuit.

The story of the Valley waits to be told!

It would have looked great in its day, the drive-in sign and marquee board.

The Valley appeared as a location in the film "Love Serenade"


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