Sale Swan Lake

Opened: 1960's?
Location: Princes Hwy Sale, Victoria
Capacity: 457 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Swan Lake Drive-in Pty Ltd
Closed: Early 1980's

Brief history:
Located just outside the town of Sale, the Swan Lake drive-in appeared a pleasant venue in which to view movies under the stars. The snack bar building resembles designs by renowned US drive-in theatre designer, Jack Vogels. The 1950's/60's angled pipe style was popular in many Australian drive-ins at the time.

The overgrown entrance as it was in 1990. Cattle graze and dogs prowl under the angled pipe design gateway.

The drive-in is owned by a nearby farmer and used for grazing cattle. Whilst the speakers on the ground may invite a close-up look, beware! Cattle dogs prowl the grounds putting off even this intrepid drive-in archaeologist!

Speakers lie on the ground under the junction boxes that supported them for all those years. The screen was eaten by termites, blew down and was then used as firewood!

Swan Lake sounds a grand and classic name for a theatre in these parts, I bet if the film Swan Lake had screened here hardly a car would have turned up.


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