Shepparton Twilight

Opened: 2nd April 1957
Location: Goulbourn Valley Hwy (Melbourne Rd), Shepparton
Capacity: 470 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Twilight Drive-in Theatres P/L, Steve McDonnell
Closed: Still Operates

Brief history:
Shepparton has had more lives than most drive-ins. It has closed often over the years but has always risen again. It is currently one of only three operating drive-ins in the state of Victoria. The screen is a typical early country drive-in construction with the frame made from wooden poles. A charming 1950's style playground resides under the screen and the original buildings are fibro cement sheet. This drive-in was a boomer in the early years of operation, being one of the first drive-ins in central Victoria.

This 1990 photo shows the early 1970's vintage sign on the Goulburn Valley Hwy.

The people of Shepparton have always rallied to save their picture paddock from extinction, even last year when the end finally appeared iminent, the proposed factory development fell through. The Twilight is far from its glory days, but as long as it remains open it deserves the patronage of those who believe drive-ins should always remain a part of the landscape. What's on at Shepparton?

Shown here is the screen and playground in March 2000. Shepparton is open year round.

Cine-Fi leads coil from the top of the posts, original buildings are fibro, later structures are brick

The Twilight in 1977, neat and manicured and fully equipped with maintenence sheds, water towers and lake (that included a platapus!). Mike Purdon Photo.

On March 1st 1957, the screen was being readied for opening a month later. Mike Purdon Photo.

Opening night shows D. O'Donnell and M.Gray cleaning windshields for the charity premiere of the Twilight drive-in Shepparton. Mike Purdon Photo.


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