Stawell Village

Opened: late 1950's
Location: Centre of the trotting track! Stawell, Victoria
Capacity: 600 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Western Drive-in Pty Ltd/Village
Closed: mid-1980's

Brief history:
Another drive-in located in the centre of a racetrack. It makes perfect sense when you consider that so much of the infrastructure is already in place including a well established very prominent location which is fully fenced.

Too late if you want one of these as my friend Alan found out, they are not only burried, but buried in cement!

Upon my first quest to locate this drive-in I was unsuccessful. I was told that the drive-in was located in the centre of the trotting track, yet could see no trace on my first visit. My subsequent trip a decade later revealed some speaker posts used to mount some signage and then the forest of posts hidden in a long forgotten corner of the compound.

I'll carbon up, you thread the projector. Century projectors with Cinemeccanica lamphouses reside in the long gone Stawell projection box. Steve McDonell Photo.

Stawell in the good old days, when they still had a drive-in.

The projection box in the middle of the trotting track, well I've seen stranger things! Steve McDonell Photo.

The screen appears to be on the far side of the track and a little the worse for wear, come to mention it the place could use a mow and a little post straightening too! I wonder what would have happened during the night trotting? Steve McDonell Photo.


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