Terang Drive-in

Opened: 1972
Location: O'Conners Lane, Terang, Victoria
Capacity: 250?
Screens: One
Operator: Roy Tuohy
Closed: 1980's

Brief history:
There is nothing like the thrill of discovering a former drive-in theatre, especially when it is within 3 hours of your home and you considered 10 years ago that you had unearthed ALL the drive-ins that had ever operated in the state! Imagine my surprise when researching through Victorian country telephone books from the mid-1970's and finding a listing for Terang drive-in. All the more amazing when you consider that Terang is located between Warrnambool and Camperdown with a population of only 2,000!

This site is hard to find today, surrounded by 20 foot piles of treated pine. The tourist map in the centre of town dating from the mid-1970's, still proudly shows the location of the Terang drive-in, at least 15 years after closure! Photo July 1999.

It is difficult to imagine how such a small population could support a drive-in, but it probably traded moderatly with loyal support on weekends from the surrounding districts. What remains of the site today is used as the location for a treated pine wood processing plant. The structures that remain look anything but cheap and spartan, in fact the snack bar/projection building looks well constructed and one imagines the gardens were well manicured in their day.

All the original projection equipment lies behind these port glasses, untouched for 15 years - not likely, a carpeted office with not a trace of the projection plant. Matthew Kilderry photo.


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