Warragul Twilite

Opened: 1963
Location: Copelands Rd
Capacity: 250 cars (originally 549)
Screens: One
Operator: Kevric Theatres, Warragul Theatres Pty Ltd, Kenrick
Closed: 1984

Brief history:
This drive-in was due to reopen in late 2003. The VCAT appeal was successful and Kevric Theatres were forging ahead. The Twilite promised to revive the drive-in theatre experience for families throughout Warragul and the LaTrobe Valley. The project fell dormant despite the best efforts of many. Since Moe drive-in closed several years ago, this area has had no drive-ins accessible to them.

The Warragul Twilight history is typical of many drive-ins located in similar sized Australian towns. The owners of the Regent theatre, realising the effects of television, built a drive-in that closed during the VCR boom in the 1980's. Then finally a small modern multiplex is built in the town and cinema continues to re-invent itself.

This screen is one of the last still standing in country Victoria.

The Twilite is located in a lush garden setting- complete with a wonderful children's playground and a unique, fully landscaped, large-scale railway which patrons can ride before the show! My son can vouch that this is one excellent ride especially with pet dog running alongside! The original C&W projectors with carbon arcs remain!

This photo was taken in 1990.

Great old playground equipment that once entertained hundreds of kids.

Thanks to Kevin Adams and Richard Fear for the information on the new Twilite. More photos to be posted soon.


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