Opened: 26 November 1965
Location: Newlands Rd Coburg Victoria
Capacity: 857 Cars
Screens: 3
Operator: Village Roadshow Ltd
Closed: Open every night

Brief history:
This drive-in was originally a single screen equipped with a pair of Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 (RK60) 35mm/70mm projectors. Lamphouses were also by Cinemeccanica but were replaced when Hoyts took over by Ashcraft Core-lites. The main programme was screened using 4,000ft spools Sound was via speakers and an extra row of extensions was connected along the fence to increase capacity. The drive-in closed in 1984 and the projectors sold to the Astor Theatre in St. Kilda. Coburg was re-opened as a Village/Hoyts joint venture in 1987. Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 (RK60) projectors were again installed, this time from the former recently closed Village Northland Twin drive-in. Coburg re-opened as a twin and in 1995 a third screen was added and again a Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 was installed.

Sound is now via speakers or FM stereo. Sound processing is by Radek Panastereo, platters are Speco LP270. In all 5 Vic 8 projectors are in the box and all have Strong X 60-C 4,500 watt lamphouses.

More photos coming soon!


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