Dromana Twin Drive-in

Opened: 1963
Location: Mornington Penninsula Freeway (Nepean Hwy exit)
Screens: Two
Operator: Paul Whitaker
Closed: Open

Brief history:
What's going on here! Take a close look and you will see that the Cinemeccanica on the right is shooting into a mirror. This is a periscope theatre. The projector on the left shoots straight out the port to the field one screen. Periscopes were also used at the former Hoyts Midcity 6 and Melton triple. At Dromana it is used to project the light beam onto the second screen without the addition of a new projection room. After hitting the first mirror the beam hits another larger mirror at the top of the light shaft above the projection room and then out to the screen. The film transport system used here is a tower system located under each machine.

These aren't the only projectors at Dromana, there is a pile of them spread all around the snack bar for display purposes.


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