Hoyts Northland

Opened: 1987
Location: Murray Road, Preston Victoria.
Screens: Eight
Operator: Hoyts
Closed: Now rebuilt with 14 screens.

Brief history:
Northland was the second Hoyts multiplex in suburban Melbourne. Unlike Chadstone, there were no compromises with screen size of sightlines at Northland as it was located on the top level of the shopping centre and not in the basement!

The former entrance on the top level of the carpark, very 1980's!

Northland enjoyed very high trading and on some days screened films to over 12,000 patrons.

Projectors are Kinoton FP30, lamphouses are Xebex with 3600 watt lamps, platters and automation are Kinoton. Processors are Dolby CP1000 black wall racks (remember those?).

In 1998 Northland was substantially rebuilt and is unrecognisable today as the 8-plex featured here.

David, Mick and Buddy on shift at Northland 1991.

One of the old houses at Northland, capacity 350.

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