Studio Drive-in Culver City

Opened: 1940's
Location: 5250 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City California
Capacity: 1,000 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Pacific drive-in theatres
Closed: 1993

Brief history:
The Studio drive-in was located only a short distance from the former MGM studios at Culver City in Los Angeles. The studios today are occupied by Columbia, but its not hard to figure out where this drive-in got its name from. The studio would have hosted many film stars during its life who often preferred drive-ins to see movies at due to the anonimity that would be afforded them. (For those who wish to star-gaze today, keep a close look out at late shows at theatres in Westwood Village, Burbank or Universal 18).

This big neon sign on the back of the screen left patrons in no doubt as to where they were buying their tickets. It was unusual for drive-ins in Los Angeles to have their ticket boxes under the screen.

The Studio has one claim to fame that is etched into the memories of moviegoers the world over; it was the location for the drive-in scenes in "Grease". It was also used for other movies and TV shows due to its close proximity to Hollywood. The dancing Hot Dog cartoon seen on the screen in the background to Olivia Newton-John in Grease can still be bought from Filmack in Chicago. It still runs every night at the Village Triple drive-in at Coburg in Melbourne.

No more movies on this screen, or children playing on the equipment beneath it. The Studio has been demolished. Photos October 1997.

After Pacific closed the Studio drive-in, it was taken over by an enterprising former drive-in projectionist who ran old style carbon-arc projectors and old style films. This venture failed shortly after commencing as the market for this type of venture either did not exist, or was not prepared to drive to Culver City to experience it. The Studio was demolished in 1998 and the site has now been redeveloped.

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