Useful and interesting links

Have a look at these great links. If you would like to be on this page, please email Buddy in the projection room.

Village Cinemas Australia See what’s on at Coburg drive-in, read reviews, check multiplex session times and subscribe to cinemail – it’s free!

Southern California’s Drive-Ins The best drive-in website around. Sal Garcia (and Evil Sam) are the inspiration behind drive-ins downunder. Screen murals, neon marquees and drive-ins in the desert, see ’em all on this fabulous site.

Wonga Drive-in Here it is, finally on the web, all about the fabulous Wonga Drive-in and its owner Gary King. This is surely one of the most remarkable drive-in stories in the world,”build it and they will come” has never been more true. It will be twinned in 2003.

The American Drive-in Movie Theatre If you own one book, then this should be it. Don and Susan Sanders have captured the spirit and legend that was the drive-in. Extensive research, fabulous photos and the words of the drive-in folks themselves make this a must have reference for drive-in buffs the world over. The second book “Drive-in Movie Memories” is now released and has contributions by Buddy!

Drive-on-in Jen Sherer has put together the “all you ever wanted to know about drive-ins but were afraid to ask” site here. History, links to drive-ins and her and Kips plans for a retro drive-in in Las Vegas. Check it out.

Drive-in Theatres Of The Mid Atlantic Not currently available. A well researched site about drive-ins under water between Europe and the USA……..not really, the Mid Atlantic US states.

Evil Sam’s Drive-In Theatre Guide Not Currently available, someone needs to have this master work back on line. It’s back, the biggest drive-in site in the universe. Abandoned cars on the lot of a drive-in that is open? Find it here at the site that inspired drive-insdownunder.

Film Tech This is the site for projectionists and technicians in the industry today, go to the film handlers forum and say what you think about Christie, why Dolby Digital is better and tell the world about the worst projection room you’ve ever worked in!

The Drive-In Theatre Tim Thompson’s has the lot, all areas of the drive-in of yesterday and today are examined in depth. One of the original drive-in sites and one of the best.

Boxoffice Magazine The most informative magazine for the drive-in or cinema owner. Subscribe for two years and they will tell you how to run a successful theatre business. Has had great features on drive-ins and acknowledges them as a part of the industry of yesterday and tomorrow.

Kodak Professional Motion Imaging Super 8 film, Reel People magazine, 16mm film, history, 35mm film, tips and tech stuff, 70mm film… if you like the film biz, get the guff straight from the horse’s mouth.

American Widescreen Museum Todd-AO, Cinerama, Cinemascope, Technirama; if you want to know about film processes and formats, visit Marty the curator (and his wicked sense of humour), for a tour in widescreen cinema wonderland.

Drive-in Theatres Of The South Pacific The great new site by drive-in enthusiast Peter Berret. Peter has unearthed previously unknown drive-ins (to this author anyway) in the South Pacific island nations. The stories of the Port Moresby Skyline Drive-in at Wards Strip in New Guinea have been legendy over the years and now the place is brought back to life with some great photos. Check it out.

Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Victoria No theatre historical society has a better site than this in the world! Full of info. on all things cinema in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Five star drive-ins are now on the net. Check out what’s showing, look at both Beenleigh and Aspley drive-ins in the photo section and even buy some merchandise. These locations are among the most attractive drive-ins operating anywhere, so if you live in Southern Queensland, visit soon.

Theatres of Western Australia has excellent information on drive-ins. Dr Ina Bertrand has spent years researching theatres all over the vast western state and uncovered some truly unique drive-ins in the state that produced more than any other.