Ayr Stardust

Ayr Stardust

Opened: September 1964
Location: Kilrie Road, Ayr
Capacity: 360 Cars
Screens: One (plus one)
Operator: Frank Jerkic
Closed: Open

Ayr is a town with around 10,000 people but still proudly is home to the Stardust drive-in. Just off the Bruce Hwy it is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered by tourists and locals. Built within the grounds is a hardtop cinema, so patrons for many years had choice between outdoor and indoor movies. The two screens also increased the selection of films available. The Stardust drive-in has a pleasant foliage of palms around the perimeter and makes for a perfect tropical setting in which to see a drive-in movie.

The film projection equipment in the drive-in box was Kalee 21 projectors with Strong X 60 D lamphouses running 4,000 watt xenon lamps. It has now upgraded to digital projection.

Frankie Jerkic and family would love to have you as their guests when you are next in the area.

Thanks to Frank Jerkic for some images used here.