Dubbo Westview

Opened: 1970
Location: Mitchell Hwy, Dubbo 
Capacity: 550 Cars
Screens: One
Operator: Rex Bartel, Westview, Jason Yelverton
Closed:  1987, reopened 2018

Today Dubbo is one of three drive-ins still operating in NSW. It is now open on select weekends with a mix of classic and current movies. If you live anywhere near Dubbo, visit the Westview soon!

Originally written back in 1999, there was doubt that Dubbo would ever reopen, but it has!………………………………….. If you grew up reading comics like I did, then you would know Dubbo. How? The back page of almost every comic had an advertisement for the “Seven Seas Stamps Company of Dubbo”. Send in the coupon just once stamps (and invoices) started appearing in your letterbox for life! The Westview just outside of Dubbo was “placed in mothballs” by manager Rex Bartell in June 1984. He expected it re-open by the end of the year. It spluttered back to life a few times but by 1987 it was closed again. In 2000 it is still in mothballs and we are still waiting for it to re-open! Closed in the year that closed more drive-ins than any other its once large audience had dwindled to about 30 cars per night. Whilst run down, it was all still standing when these photos were taken in June 1999. Guard dogs roam the ramps so don’t get too close.