Village Brooklyn

Opened: 1963
Location: Leakes Rd, Brooklyn
Capacity: 1,100
Screens: One, later Two
Operator: Village Drive-ins Pty Ltd
Closed: 1984

Brooklyn was one of Australia’s largest drive-ins. An ornamental lake was part of the large grounds at Brooklyn that often required every last car space of its 1,100 capacity. Although some of its business was stolen from Altona when it opened, it always traded more strongly than its nearby Hoyts competition. Today the site is run as a Rubble and Riches market with only the snack bar remaining to tell the tale of the drive-in that once stood on the site. No return car trip from Geelong was complete without the towering screen being viewed for miles down Geelong rd.

Brooklyn snack bar and projection room in 1990. This building still exists within the Rubble & Riches market today.