Terang Drive-in

Opened: 1972
Location: O’Conners Lane, Terang, Victoria
Capacity: 250?
Screens: One
Operator: Roy Tuohy
Closed: 1980’s

Terang drive-in was a late build in drive-in terms. It is amazing when you consider that Terang, located between Warrnambool and Camperdown, has a population of only 2,000.

It is difficult to imagine how a small population could support a drive-in, but it probably traded moderately well with loyal support on weekends from the surrounding districts. What remains of the site was used as the location for a treated pine wood processing plant. The structures that remain look anything but cheap and spartan, in fact the snack bar/projection building looks well constructed and one imagines the gardens were well manicured in their day.